8 fabulous Dr. Seuss books you can read and learn from

Dr-Seuss-Miss-T-ESL.jpgIt is Dr Seuss’ birthday this month. As it is a special month we have a great opportunity to work on some literacy related fun activities in the classroom and celebrate his birthday by learning and enjoying reading at the same time.

He gave us so many excellent books to read, learn from, enjoy, entertain and have fun with. Have you prepared something, yet? If you haven’t, there are some ideas help you to make it unforgetable. Using literacy, rhymes, alliterations, hands-on and moving activities or some art.
Whatever you choose probably the first thing you do is to find a book that is suitable the age group and the level of English that your children in the class understand and capable to work with.
So here is a round-up of some Dr .Seuss stories you could read to your kids:

Green eggs and ham: This is one of the most popular book by Dr. Seuss. It is written with very simple words for children who’s just begun reading. Great practice as he keeps repeating the basic words (here, there, like, do not, etc…) So you can use them with young learners to teach and reinforce reading whilst your kids enjoy the storyand laugh along.

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