3D Printing revolution is here

 3D-house-printing-Miss-T-ESL-ActvititiesFor those who were born after 1990 a little story about how kids used to send messages to each other,

Jotted on a piece of paper might seem something so old school, it could only exist on black-and-white films. Yeah, sure it’s hard to imagine that not everybody had an own mobile-phone, let alone a network with the whole knowledge of the humanity at their fingertips. However, some people were quite creative with cheat-sheets.

Technology has advanced so fast so far that pupils nowadays don’t actually need physical books or notebooks. Everything exists and more importantly easily accessible for everyone on a device weighs less than a history book. Beautiful new world, that is.

We haven’t had to wait too long to see another bastion of humanity surrendering to the digital revolution. What started in Britain in 1760 with the industrial revolution is going to change soon. 3D printing is aiming to change the world manufacturing process as we know it. More precisely, eliminating it as a whole. 3 dimensional printers are able to create any shape of objects by gluing together the row material and build it up layer by layer. It’s possibilities are truly endless. Ranging from modelling in the classroom to print houses.

The 3D Printing Revolution is here by Thomas Swan Published on Miss T. ESL Activities

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